Arms of time by Zander Ford


Galaxies of time

Wrap me in your experience

So that I may fall

Deeper into your spirals

Deeper into your touch, taste, smell and sounds

Deeper into your light

Galaxies of time

Spin me around your open arms

While I dance between your planets and orbs of heat

Dance me amongst your wonder

One more ‘time’

This drop and reflection

This infinite being and perceived doing

This spirit flesh called to share

And be shared

Dance me into your center

That still point

Universe of time

Where I came from

And where I’m going

Where I’ve been

And where I am

Dance me

Into your arms

Of Now

Dance me by Zander Ford


Dance me into

Your heart

Where we will hold hands

Swing in merry-go-round circles

Children playing at the shore

Once more


Me into your heart

So that we may be one

With the ocean

With love



Me into your heart

So that the stars may swirl in our crowns

Constellations playing

Orion’s bow shooting arrows of freedom

Between the cloudless black velvet


Between our palms


Me into your heart

So that we may play


Strings of pearls by Zander Ford

Strung pearls

Along canvased time

Glistening moonlight

Singing in rhyme

I laugh at our shadow

And embrace the light

Hang webs of wisdom

Around our starry night

Blessed are us

Who seek to love

For in that small act


are gifted all above

I string pearls for your pleasure

But not to wear

Only to shine

And glimmer there

Suspended on wingtips

On spun stories of bliss

On spiders webs

And fading kiss

We rise and sink

We dance and fall

we laugh and sing

Enjoying all

And now this Weaver must walk

Back to the trees

No more talk

Presence within

Presence without

Feeling all

Sensing our rise

And our fall

This my dear loves

Is what it’s all about


Radiant Beauty by Zander Ford

Her touch

Feathers on my forehead

Her glance

Embers of grace

Her smell

Nectar of the Gods

Radiant Beauty

How have you come to share your light

With me

What passion makes you fly?

What dance keeps you spinning?

I am not here to fix you

I am not here to change your being

I am not here to bother you with trivial facts

I am here to participate

In our mutual understanding

Our mutual growth as time

Spins around us

Webs of mystery

Spirals of delight

Catching stars as they pass by

In midnight flight

Dear one,

I am here to love

As we all are

Sent to do and be

Dancing between stars and earth

The living Mystery

The mix by Zander Ford

Earth Being

When did you step away from your innocence?

At what point did you decide

Fear was more important

Than life?

At what point did you allow your emotions to run wild

To rule your destiny?

Dear human

You are loved

You will die


It’s ok.

As you embark upon this journey

To understand the mystery

A little deeper

With each inhale

And each exhale

My deep desire

Is that you may glimpse

Many times

And perhaps even live

In extended states

Of wonder


And gratitude

For the collective strength



And Eminence

Found in our Human experiences

In our natural states of animal wonder

Beautifully blended with human ambitions

To see the complexity

In ever unfolding

Fields of Beauty

Here and there by Zander Ford

There is always so much more

To know

And yet

What is here

Is so

Exceptionally miraculous

That what is out there



Like a distant ocean horizon


As the backdrop

For my garden

Full of forget-me-nots

Full of radiant blooms

Full of these

present moments

We embrace

The forrest knew by Zander Ford

And as she stood there smiling

I held my breath


Suspended from star strings

Gazing at her wilderness

Of wild eyes

Tangled hair put up in briar patchwork

With bees swimming in that golden halo

Forrests erupting from the palms of her hands

And god staring back at me

With her everything

My constellation-roof

Supporting what feeble head was left

To think

And then let go

To be

To feel

To ‘See’

All that Grace

All that Everything

In one Being

One radiant shining

Godly Beauty

Becoming by Zander Ford

I have been letting go for centuries now

I have been letting go of concepts

Of old identities


Of possessions I thought I owned

Of time

I have been letting go of Me

So that I may become You

They are you by Zander Ford

I am you

You are me

Do you see?

We are all part

Of the same



The same Earth

animates these bones

The same minerals

Craft your home


May I help you relax

The prison walls

You’ve built

Around your identity?

May I help you open

To the lands of

Healing possibility

Wild mountain ranges

Soaring exotic birds

Singing music older than time

Waterfalls rushing with Amber Light

Mist rising from under your feet

Smiling faces

Ready to greet


Let’s go

To this land of milk and honey

Join me

It doesn’t take any money

Just a willingness

To trust

Your fellow humans

And to know...

They are you

They are you

They are you

Join me

On this journey


We can heal


And understand

All the memories

Blooming from this

Heavenly Earthly Land

Swim with me by Zander Ford

In the thought pools of existence


Swim circles with me

Figure eights under warm Flowing crystalline water

Explore this moment’s destiny

Sunshine rays spilling down

Sunshine rays shining from within

Splash me with your laughter

And I will spill jewels of radiance upon you

With my loud smiles

With the looking glass and mystery unveiled

From lids lovingly opened

To share

To share their flow

Of that same energy that makes these words

That same energy that we swim


That same energy that crafts time

That same energy that we share

Between you,





You are that by Zander Ford

You are that

You are here to spring forth your mystery

To unfold untold stories of delight

Yes, of struggle and pain.

Yes of Joy and Gain

You are here to un-learn suffering

Transforming experience into compost

And compost into gardens

Gardens into seeds

Seeds into wisdom satchels

To gift to friends

And to

To make amends

The Crescent Smile by Zander Ford

Her smile was the crescent moon

It shone upon my worries

Like a detective

Illuminating some facts of a crime

She let me see them

Feel them

And then, like the moon

She went back to her work

On other humans

Across the planet

And left me

To do mine

In the light of day

With this new knowledge

I went to work

Feeling my worries

Loving them

And choosing to replace

Worn out garments of human flesh

Molded to some other model no longer fresh

With values chosen by God

Chosen values of spirit nectar

Chosen values of source light

Chosen values that when reflected

The following night

Shone like diamonds

Crafted by a master jeweler

Illuminated with 10,000 watts

Of lunar power

They lit up my whole neighborhood

They lit up my entire community

They inspired others

To visit the Moon

To welcome her crescent smile

To work with the light of day

To be radiant


Shining even

In the courses

Of their Human Way

Beings of Light by Zander Ford

What is the mountain to the stream

But a vessel for its gathered rain

To flow back to the ocean

What is the rain to the sky

But heavenly tears of light

Raining blessings upon us all

And what are we to the Earth

But Beings of light

Here to expand and evolve Her own sense

Of self

In love by Zander Ford

She laughed at his rainbow

And smiled

He danced with her shadow

And smiled

They wove stories of divine

And let their poetry shine

She kissed his cheek

And he bent down on one knee

She did the same

And at once

They were together,

Both insane

Crazy with love

Crazy with joy

Crazy for him

And his little boy

Crazy for her

And her little girl

They were in love with each other

In love with their earth mother

They were in love with the heavens

And all her blessings

They valued their family

Every living human

Every living being

Every spirit that came before

And every spirit yet to pass thru

the cosmic door

I see what you mean by Zander Ford

I see what you mean

Said the blind man

Rubbing hand forehead to feet

God’s brushing of skin

To meet

And I know what you want

When I’m not around

Soft fleshy feet

Kissing earth ground

Melted canvas of flesh

Finding the places and loving them


Touching lost parts of his soul

With loving thoughts

Once again,

Reclaiming his whole

Wealth of flesh

Wealth of heart

Let us begin

Let us start

The lessons by Zander Ford

Lesson one

Appreciate you’re being

Lesson two

Open eyes to begin seeing

Lesson three

Hold hands with friends

Lesson four

Ask for more

Lesson five

Feel to be alive

Lesson six

Allow and be fixed

Lesson seven

Give graces to heaven

Lesson eight

Seek to relate

Lesson nine

Just be kind

Lesson ten

Blend baby, blend

Open Earth Arms by Zander Ford


I have returned


To walk with your feet

To touch with your hands

To create with your clay

To feel with your heart

And to speak with my soul


Thank you

Thank you for hosting us here

Thank you for awakening so many

Thank you for allowing, giving, loving, and letting

We collectively are you, and are a vastness of which you are too

Thank you

These feet now kiss you

With every step

These hands now caress you with every passing note of texture

This root now plays with your core

As it once did before

And this Radiant Heart

Burns away all indecision

All fear

All misunderstanding

To meet your other Guests

With open Earth Arms


This voice now speaks  

for you  

it says to others

’Here... here is the way home’ 


Why I love you by Zander Ford

I love you

I love you for your tears

I love you for your fears

I love you once, twice

And infinitely thrice

I love you for all the choices you’ve made

All the cards played

I love you

Because the way I love you

Is the way I love me

And in doing so

We all may see

This Brilliant Radiance

Life is meant to be